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The Internet addict’s guide to: dealing with judgements and assumptions

People are very quick to judge. It is almost like human instinct. I see it everywhere, and everyday. As people we often find ourselves judging a person before we even know them, or basing their personality and intelligence upon a stereotype. And it is bad, that people still live that way. And it saddens me, that is see exsamples of judgement so often. The great thing about being a shy antisocial person is your ability to listen and think. And with that ablity I often overhear conversations or listen to people talking. And it is just so horrid to hear. Becuase as a newer generation we are supposed to be making progress. We are supposed to be becoming more loving and accepting, and the majority of us are loving and accepting. But there are those few nasties who just are not. So today I will teach you how to deal with judgy people. With a guide from a internet addict, also known as moi.

  1. Do not fight assumptions with assumptions

By this I mean do not instantly assume somebody is judging you. We all know the drill. Our minds often like to convince ourselves that there is a threat or a danger when infact there is not. The typical stereotype for judgey people tends to revolve around tennage girls, boys and others. But you must not instantly assume that because said person lives up to the stereotype, they are judging you. Because, stereotypes are so very innacurate it is rediculous. So please, spread some positivity. Do not avoid a person because you feel like they will judge you or assume things about you. Talk to them, get to know them, then make your mind up. Stereotypes are NOT allowed here.

2. Know your worth

You and every single one of you are amazing people. I know that for a fact. But you probably do not think that. So I am here to tell you. No matter how much people may judge you, no matter how shit they can make you feel. Just know that every negative thing they say, is not true. It is simply lies upon lies, because you are great, and you are beautiful. Never let anybodies assumptions tell you otherwise.

3. surround yourself with positive people

For me, I find my own negativity to be a very powerful thing. It is so powerful, that sometimes trying to change it into postivity by myself is too hard, becuase that negativity is far too strong to fight on my own. But that is fine, everybody feels negativity. You just have to learn to fight it the right way. And by that I mean surrounding yourself with positivity. Surround yourself with positive people who you know love you and things that make you happy. Honestly, having a source of positivity when you are in a dark place is such an amazing thing. So take advantage of that. When you feel judged or insecure. Spray on your favourite scent and walk past the cool girls like you are the queen of the school. When others make you feel bad, go and find a friend. Because one person, one person that has faith in you, can make things so much better.

4. Try to help them, open their minds and explore different viewpoints

Now, one of my huge pet peeves within a person is judginess. And I think we all have those situations we are put in where we are talking or listening to a person, then suddenly, they say something so judgy. And you just sit there, feeling disgusted. I get this on a day to day basis, and so does everybody. In our society there are people with different views, and I understand that. But there are also people that are uneducated and make stupid remarks and assumptions. So when you are put into a situation where somebody makes a remark. Please debate with them. God I love to debate. People say the stupidest things most of the time, and I love to just educate them on the topic at hand. I feel like if you talk to that person, and tell them your opinion on the situation. You can teach them something, and make them think more deeply about something. It is like shinging the light on a bad situation. So debate you point. You have the human right to speech.

5. Learn to not care about what people think about you

As a individual, you will thrive much more, when you do not let a fear of being judged restrict the way you live and think. When you drop that fear, and learn to not give one. You will be able to be so much more happy. You will be able to express yourself so much more freely. Not only this, you can be a unique individual, you can live your life the way you want. Love what you love. And do what you want to do. Becuase the journey of expression is a long one. As people it takes us a long time, if ever, to truly know who we are. So do not let judgy people hinder that journey for you. Jump on the train. Because at the end of the day, the people that judge you, will be the ones waiting at the station until they die. Whilst you have the beautiful privilege of an open mind.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you liked it, please tell me in the comments. Because I might make it into a series.

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Love, Misstery



24 thoughts on “The Internet addict’s guide to: dealing with judgements and assumptions

  1. Oh my gosh this post is so creative and it’s all so well said *melts*. I need this XD I’m an internet addict and after looking at youtube comments, this cheered me up.

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