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False identities and procrastination problems

Hi lovelies! it seems my downpour of emotion has finally come to a close. I think. Well I really hope so. I do apologise for my emotional ramble on my last post. But I think when I write, I want to be as real as I can get. I feel like in this huge world of the internet, there is such a high possibility you start to loose yourself to the idea of being somebody else entirely. To the idea of remaking yourself. Putting yourself out there on the internet is like discovering makeup or plastic surgery. The fact that you can change yourself and the way you are can become addicting, because as people we all have flaws and parts of our own reality that if given the chance too, we would happily erase. And sometimes, the internet offers that chance. So I think if there were any way in which I want to be unique, it is in the way I try to be as real and honest to both you as a reader and myself as I can. That is one of the most important things to me. So sometimes, emotional posts are nessesary. Becuase it brings reality to this Internet world, where becoming something you are not can often make you forget about that. And to me, when I write that is very important.

I think, I have always wanted to have a little bit of freedom. I do not want to just post things about beauty or just post about mental illness, or just post about fashion. I want to post about the real stuff too. I feel like one of the biggest things that allows you to connect with an audience is too be down to earth, and talk about emotions and feelings. It makes you seem more relateable and as a community, so much more supportive. And that is all I want to do. Is be real with you. And not let the tempting chance at an annoymous identity pull me in, like it has to so many other people.

But sometimes I do worry about it, and I am worrying about it right now. Because from the start I have wanted to be a professional blogger, and I feel like when I post like this. Just randomly, short little thoughts or feelings. I always think that I am being unprofessional or boring. Or just doing the same thing as everybody else. And I do not want my blog to be anything like that. I want my blog to be different, but most importantly I want you guys to enjoy what you read. So please do leave a comment down below telling me what your favorite types of posts are, be honest, it would seriously be a great help to me.

So guys, I do have many posts planned. I actually find inspiration for blog posts at the weirdest of times (like in the middle of the night, which is so fun) and I have some more beauty related posts coming up. Unfortunately I am cyrrently having issues with taking pictures, which is every beauty bloggers worst nightmare. But as soon as the issue is resolved, be ready for the beauty blogs.

I have also been going through an awful disease called procrastination. Seriously, IΒ  have always been one to procrastinate and waste time. But it has been so bad these last few days it is rediculous. I feel like it gets worse when I am stressed. When I have loads of work to do, it is so much easier just to lie to myself and say that I will do it tomorrow, and I deserve a break. Then tomorrow comes and I tell myself the same thing. Untill I am a messy spiral of lost hope and ambition.

So you all have been lumbered with another chatty post, I am so sorry, I must sound so boring by this point. If you actually read through these thank you, for your patience. Anyway I love to just sit down and talk to you guys. I feel like it just strengethens our community and friendships. And gives me more of a freedom to write. And the freedom to write is one of the best things you could ever ever have. So I intend to keep it that way, no false identities, and no more procrastination problems.

Thank you for reading.

Please like and leave a comment about your favourite types of posts on my blog, it would be such a great help to me!

You can also follow my blog, which is greatly appreciated, i treasure every single one of you.

Love, Misstery





16 thoughts on “False identities and procrastination problems

  1. Boring? No! I like your blog! Your site is very user friendly and clean! I enjoyed reading your, even shared a piece or two! I agree with the other comments you are so honest and real. Great stuff!

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  2. Girl, you never have to worry about being boring or nonprofessional; you’re an amazing blogger!! I love reading your blog, you’re so honest and real and down to earth…. and well amazing!!! (ha ha unlike me, I suck at blogging but whateves πŸ™‚ ) Love you!

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  3. What makes you special is writing what you want to dooo ❀ I love reading your posts because they are so real and beautiful and you are expressing your thoughts. Being you is as proffesional and enjoyable as it gets ❀ i get you with the inspiration thing- it's kinda fun. Having a blog should be helpful and awesome to keep, so write what you want to write ^^ I love your blog so muchhh ^^ Even if I don't wear makeup or do DIY's I still love them XD

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  4. To be honest I love all of your posts. Ok the beauty ones less because I’m hardly not using any make up. You’re professionell and not boring at all. I know what you mean with you don’t want to be your blog like so many other blogs outthere. I don’t want that too. But I think you are unique! So much more than me! Just start writing what you want and don’t feel under pressure I think this is the best way for you writing more of these lovely posts, with which you’re fascinating me each time again and again.
    ❀ xoxo

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  5. I really enjoyed reading this post, you are not being boring or unprofessional, you’re being a good, honest blogger. Some of the biggest bloggers on this entire site do posts like this all the time and people still respect them, maybe even more than they did before. I love the way you write, it’s so humble and honest but also really concise and easy to follow. I haven’t been following your blog for very long, but so far I’ve enjoyed every single post I’ve read. You’re a fantastic beauty/fashion blogger, I love your posts on those subjects, but just post the content you feel you need to post, because that stuff is always going to be the best as it will be written with the most enthusiasm.
    Take care,

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