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The importance of friendship

I feel like i have been gone for ages. I don’t know. When I don’t blog I find that I am a little bit of a mess. I am a deep thinker, and I use this blogging platform to just write out what I feel and think in a juble of emotion, that apparently a fair few people like to read. Anyway, these past few days I have been very busy ( I know i went outside, this is crazy) and I have found so much to blog about. I feel like when I go outside into this huge brutal world, into society I see so many things. And as a deep thinker I think so many things. And with being busy I have not had enough time to write them down. So i am a little bit of a mess. Being away from blogging seems to have that effect on me.

So I am very sorry if this post is a bit of a mess too. But the last few days I have noticed some things.One of the biggest things being the utter importance of friendship. Ever since I was youngΒ  never really fit in a friendship group. I think it was becuase I was so different. Even at the age of 6 I looked at the world in a different way. I liked to think about the things that effected others and not just myself. And at that age, when you are seen as different. People just dismiss you, and you don’t fit in.

That is why I think it is so important, to appreciate friendship while you still have it. Because rather like family, it can be taken away in a second. I personally, have a very good friend. They are a friend that I can trust with anything. I can go to them with an issue and I can expect a reply in a second. I can go to them for support. And I can go to them to remind me of who i am, when i have completely lost myself. And those sort of friends are so very hard to find.

You see in movies and books, in this fantasy world we all engrose ourselves into to avoid reality. Friendship is painted like a pretty picture that has no flaws. Friendship is painted to be this thing that everbody will have and everybody will experience. But it isn’t. Freinship is a painting that has had coffee spilt on it. It is never perfect. Becuase we do not live fantasy, we live reality. The friend I am talking about lives far far away from me. They moved a few years ago. The metaphorical coffee spilling in the pretty painting I had carved from my fantasy driven ideal of freindship.

But freindship is such a powerful thing. That you do not let things like distance get in your way. You have to overcome the issues that come along with friendship. Whether that be the mistakes one of you has made, distance, culuture or your background. We have to overcome these things and these differnces. Becuase without friendship, the world would be such a still and pristine place, free from coffee stains that represent happy mistakes and joy filled flaws.

So the last few days, I was able to spend time with that special friend. That friend that would make me laugh when a felt my most miserable. That friend that i could talk to for hours, and not get bored. I got to spend time with that friend. And now, they are gone. They have gone back to their place far far away.

And I think that is what makes me appreciate those moments with my friends more. Those things you overcome. It is the feeling of being alone, and being without them, that makes you realize how truly important freindship is. It is the feeling of being out of place because you are that little bit more unique, it is that feeling. That makes you realize that the friendship is fantasies, is a fantasy for a reason. And the friendship in reality, is the best one you can find.

Thank you for reading.

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Love, Misstery




42 thoughts on “The importance of friendship

  1. i know exactly how you feel! i’ve never met my best friend in real life because we met online. she’s the only person who has ever excepted me fully. i’m so sorry you can’t see your friend as much as you’d like to, i know exactly how it feels and if you ever want to talk about it i’m here for you

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  2. It’s really important to have friendship. I’ve realized how much i’ve changed. I don’t ever talk. My face looks serious or sad all of the time, like I don’t care. I’m more negative if thats even possible. I think a lot more. Never talk. Don’t smile or make eye contact or anything. I see friends playing with each other and all of that, all happy. I feel stupid. I do have friends but I don’t like hugs, I like listening I hate talking and i’m boring and I look rude. I feel terrible and I don’t have any classes with them anyway so I don’t ever know what they are talking about. What is friendship like again. I’ve changed to much to go back. Now i’m some isolated idiot… 100 percent honest

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    • I miss it but I don’t know what it feels like anymore. Smiling and sharing jokes, relating and playing with each other. I’m just a boring idiot who looks mad or sad or like they don’t even care. I don’t talk I listen, never relate. I just think now. I stay silent and feel like I betray myself if I talk idk

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    • Aww I am so sorry you have to deal with that. I am honestly Rather the same. I prefer to listen and think rather than too talk. When I was younger I got split from my friend into another class. And that was kind of the end of our friendship . that doesn’t mean we are not still friends , it just jeans that we have found other friends too πŸ™‚ maybe you should just do that, or try your hardest like me and my friend do to see one another no matter the problems that occur along the way

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  3. So beautifully written. this explains the true meaning of friendship. And yes they are very very important and we miss them whrn they’re gone. But the silly memories stay with us.
    Thank you. I read your post and I realise what good friends feels like and I’m thankful for them.

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    • Oh thank you. I understand where you are coming from. I think all my life I have felt like that friend that always stands at the back or that is left out. And sometimes I still feel like that. I am just so grateful that I have you guys and my other friends that I know I can count on. But honestly it took me so long to find people I really felt comfortable with. Have a great day! I am glad you enjoyed the post πŸ™‚

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  4. I’m going through this thing where I don’t know who my real friends are anymore. Not my “friends” but my “true friends.” The ones that would never let me down, and that I could rely on for literally anything.

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