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The modern stereotype of people who wear makeup

Stereotyping. A topic I could rant for weeks about. Stereotyping in our society is everywhere. It is in the way a girl wears a dress and a boy wears trousers. It is in the way people imitate those from foreign countries. It is in the way Donald Trump genralises all Muslims to be a threat. And it is in the way a girl who wears makeup is instantly assumed to be insecure and unconfident. Stereotypes come in many forms. And we all like to assume we don’t live by stereotypes. But we all technically do. Because there is a stereotype for everyone and everything. It is just unfortunate that people don’t think twice about the impact of what they are saying when they use them.


Now I woke up this morning. And I went on my phone. That is normal. I went on youtube. That is normal. And I saw a certain video in my suggested videos feed. And me being me, clicked on it. I watched the whole video through and realised I had seen it before. And i remebered the previous impact the video has had on me in my distant past. The video was all about what boys look for in girls. The boys in the video listed many a thing that they found ‘attractive’. And I was very surprised they were using their platform, to perform such a cruel act of genralising a girl’s beauty.


I then went on to watch a few more by other youtubers. And they all said the same sort of thing. And I am not hating on them, it was their own personal opinion and I would never want anybody to not express their own opinion. The thing that pissed me off was that they were blantantly stereotyping. One of the most popular saying from boys or girls we hear in our modern society is ‘girls are more attractive without makeup’. Fine. Ok. Your opinion. What angered me was that they were using the modern stereotype of girls that wear makeup. And they were not just using it. Sadly, they were living by it.


You see, generally when a girl wears makeup. And they are looked at in the street. People will instantly assume many a thing. These things being that the girl is insecure and uses makeup to hide her true personality, this girl or boy is fake and possibly slutty. This girl or boy is a attention seeker. This girl or boy is popular and nasty. But it is just a STEREOTYPE. So why do people live by it like it is hand crafted normality.


Now I like to wear makeup, not too much. I generally steer more to the natural route. But i do like to get glammed up, I do appreciate that makeup is a form of art. And not many people do. But I have learnt that when it comes down to makeup. When you do not wear any you are considered a tomboy, or somebody who puts in no effort. And when you do wear makeup you are considered insecure. So I have learnt, that when it comes to my face. I will do whatever the hell I want. And if you stereotype me becuase of that, then you are the one missing out, becuase you are the one living by a visious stereotype, that is limiting not only the way you think, but the whole of the way you live.


You see some of the strongest girls I have ever met. Some of the most beautiful and wonderful women and men I have ever met. Wear makeup. They will spend hours perfecting every brush stroke and every pencil line. Yet they are nothing like society’s ‘insecure’.


As humans every single one of us is strong. Every single one of us is unique and beautiful. And i say it so many times, but no matter how much i repeat it it will never quite sink in. Because in our modern society we still have people who live by these stereotypes, and they do not even know it. Your strength, your courage, your beauty, your effort, your determination. They are all yours. And none of them should be judged by how much makeup you put on your face. None of them.


To me, makeup is a form of art. It is a way we can express our personalities. It does not matter what gender, or race you are. It does not matter if you hate it or love it. Becuase we are all human. And not one person, ever, deserves their beauty and their power as a person. To be judged by a stereotype.


Thank you so much for reading. I am 1 follower left till i reach 100! that is completely crazy. I hope you all had a wonderful valentines day. And you all appreciated the things you have been given in life. And let the ones you love know that they are loved.


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Love, Misstery






20 thoughts on “The modern stereotype of people who wear makeup

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  2. Make up is art! Michelle Phan is an amazing person and youtuber, and she is really wise about things like this too. I totally agree and this was so well written and powerful like alll of your posts ❀ CONGRATS on 100 followers πŸ˜‰ I am against TINY TINY children wearing a lot of makeup but makeup is an art and it makes beautiful girls feel better about themselves. They aren't hiding themselves, they are expressing themselves. I don't get it. I thought the society wanted them to wear makeup and the next second they don't? Stop making fun of everyone and stereotyping things. It's so rude and obnoxious. They don't give a second thought to what they write. Press enter and leave and go ruin some ones day huh? For attention? for what purpose? You think if you are mad or sad you need to spread it to other people to make it "FAIR" ? ugghhh. Like honestly let people do what they want to do. Unless they are making a really WRONG choice don't. I mean you can express your opinions kindly but you don't have to go ahead and ruin people on the inside. Their day, their feelings, etc. THe negative things truly stick out and that is the problem.

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  3. Wow this is so well written! You literally took the words out of my mouth I was actually going to a post about thisπŸ˜‚ It angers me so much! Girls who don’t wear makeup are apparently cocky and think they don’t need any coz they’re already perfect and girls who do are considered to be fake and trying to hide something and it’s so bad and untrue! I was even called a barbie doll before just for wearing more makeup than most people to school one day

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  4. That, I think, was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Well done – and you’re SO right. There will always be stereotypes, no matter who you are, where you live and what gender you are.

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  5. Wow that is a powerful post and I totally agree with you. When I went to the Utah for my exchange year I felt like everyone assumed that I was mean just because I am german and some called me tomboy just because I was not as girly like almost every girl there. I hate it when people stereotype me and I try not to stereotype others but it is hard. Most of the time we do it without even noticing I thing your post is amazing.

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