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Rambling about unappreciated beauty

Hello, its Misstery. Back with some more chatty rambliness, since my last post just got so much love. I think after things in my life happen, things that piss me off. It is good for me to blog it out of my system. To be able to stand up, say what I want to say and not hear my voice shake, or be too shy. That was a huge reason that made me start blogging.


So the other day I realized just how much beauty goes unappreciated. Its not like you cannot see this thing is beautiful. Its like we see its beauty but we just dismiss it. What I am talking about is the oh so delightful social pyramid we get tossed into at such a young age. I am talking about all my friends that do not get noticed. I am talking about all the girls, the boys that do not get noticed by people, that have their beauty dismissed becuase they don’t fit the standards of the social heirachy. And it is so sad. Because there is a world of beauty that is just lost and forgotten.


So as I said earlier I was talking with my friends about why none of us had valentines. And as they all blamed their looks and their own beautiful appearance for the fact they didn’t have a valentine, I felt a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach. I hated the way these people would talk about themselves like they are shit,because, frankly these people were the most amazing people I had met in my life. And as I looked at them all laughing about their insecurities, I was just so angry. Because they deserve to be appreciated. For their beauty.


And I hate the fact that I myself, will sit down. I myself, will think about every flaw in so much detail. And I will sit and feel that sinking feeling when I realize. I will not be appreciated. By people who cannot appreciate true beauty. I see it way too often. And it upsets me that I care so much that boys in my generation, see a beautiful girl as one who has a horrible personality, is spoiled and a complete bitch. And It hurts me that they, get appreciated, they get called beautiful. Whilst the truly beautiful people such as my friends, sit and wonder why they never get appreciated. I hate that society has come to twist this idea of beauty into something so awful, like a monster that grabs every single one of us and plagues our nightmares.


And I know that I should be strong, and I should love myself. But I don’t. I don’t love myself in the slightest because I am so convinced that this twisted beauty is all I can be. And I am in no way saying I want a man, because I am fine without one (strong independent woman bitches ) all I am saying is that we need to stop twisting beauty. We need to stop dismissing true beauty and we need to appreciate it. Because I can tell you completely honestly, right now, and pinky swear to you that I have met the most amazing people in the world. You lovelies included. And almost every one has felt under appreciated.


And I know its not just me that sees it happening. I know that there are boys that appreciate a real girl, who has a little self respect. I know that they exist. But I don’t know if a society that was only full of those people could ever exsist.


And guess what, that day is coming. Looming above us. Valentines day. And I know that sometimes we all feel under appreciated whether it is by ourselves or a boy/girl. So I just want you all to know, every single one of you. That you are so beautiful. And you are so perfect. I want you to know that I appreciate you. I appreciate your kindness. And I appreciate your talent. But most of all people appreciate your beauty, no matter how blind you are to see it.


Thank you for reading, I really hope you liked this post even though it is rambly and ranty and unpolished. I have really enjoyed doing these chatty posts, and my last one got a lot of discussion going in the comments. So please do leave a comment again, I really love the positive energy surrounding our little blogging community.

Please like, comment, and give my blog a follow (this is one of the only things in my life that I actually put effort into)

Love, Misstery.







20 thoughts on “Rambling about unappreciated beauty

  1. This is just so amazing honestly the way you write and spill out your thoughts into this blog is just amazing. The words you write make everyone feel so special and beautiful on the inside. This is lovely ^^
    Also I couldn’t care less about valentines day because I have plenty of time when I’m older. We are way too young and we should appreciate our childhood cause in the future we will have enough of that stuff. I just wanna focus on my studies and not think about anything until NEVER XD Just me though, just how i’m raised. People should enjoy ther childhood no need for stupid people who can’t appreciate beauty. I mean people can do what they want to do but for those who are feeling bad on valentines day, don’t. Just treat yourself . This is a day meant for love so love yourself first ❤

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