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A chatty post and evaluating my blog.

Hello fellow citizens of the internet. I was thinking about my blog the other day and the route I wanted to take with it. When I originally started my blog, I really did not know what direction I wanted my blog to go in. And I still do not know. But I feel like one of the main things my blog is lacking are simple little chit chat posts. I think I have been in this mindset that every post that I write has to be serious. And I have to take lots of my time in making sure they are deatailed and powerful enough to achieve the desired effect that I want on my reader. But through doing this I have lost that sense of community, that was the very reason I started blogging, So I figured why not write a little chit chat post.


So here I am, sitting with a candle lit (shhhhh i have a candle obsession, we all do.) Just writing fresh and unedited. The worst fear I had with posting these little snippets of my life was that it would be boring, and people would not like to read it. I have always aimed on making my writing so detailed, that the first few sentences will grab my readers attention(at least i hope they do!). And I love writing that way. And I will not stop writing that way, because that is my unique style .But I think having a few chatty type of posts will be good for me, it will not restrict what I write as much.


So first off I have a new theme. And I totally was not up all night trying to make every little snippet symmetrical and perfect. No trust me, I was. I think the thing about my blog that I wanted theme wise was more something that represented me. Something with a little class and grace (which I have none of). And I feel like this new theme makes my blog look a bit less scruffy. But I have not completely finished polishing it yet so don’t get too excited. Its still a work in progress in my eyes (shout out to all Connor Franta fans).


As I said earlier over the last few days I have been really thinking about my blog. Really thinking about where I want to go with it. I would love, ever so much to keep blogging and become a successful blogger, but honestly I am not sure if i am good enough to do that. But I am trying my hardest. The effort I am putting into this blog is astonishing, considering my motivation levels are ususually at an all time low. This blog seems to be the only thing that is motivating me right now. Ater having this little blog, after having this little taste at what my future could possibly be, if I was good enough. I have become addicted, to the idea of blogging.


And it just hit me the other day that I have actually made a blog. That I have actually made a blog, it is mine, and people are reading it. Not just people, 85 people, 85 people I have never met before. Yet they are some of the nicest people I have encountered in this world. I know it sounds ridiculous but when I woke up one morning and I made this blog, and I got my first follow (shout out to Rubyscadence.) I never actually believed I was doing it. And I still cannot quite believe that in a month and a bit of blogging I have 85 lovely followers and almost 1000 views. It is kinda scary. Yet so incredibly exciting.


And today as I was taking a walk and blasting twenty one pilots, I was thinking about what I had wanted blogging to do for me when I started, and what it is doing for me now. I had originally wanted a space to air my opinion to the world, and not be afraid. I had originally wanted to beat my fear of change and reach and jump for my dreams. I wanted blogging to be my thing. And it is that, and so much more. From blogging I have found such a loving community. I have found my place, I have found new friends, and I have found a ultimate, never ending source of positivity. And I thank you all so much for being a part of that positivity.

Thank you so much for reading, if you like chatty, rambly posts please do tell me in the comments. As i am not sure whether to carry on with them.

Please like, comment and follow my blog, we are so close to 100 followers!

Love, Misstery.



50 thoughts on “A chatty post and evaluating my blog.

  1. I’m not quite sure where to go with my direction either. I really like the unfiltered, personal writings but it’s hard to find others to compare myself too. I don’t think I really fit a “genre”. I think it’s awesome to be able to see everyone’s opinions and personalities play out in their posts. Love this chitchat and your blog!!!

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    • Thank you so much hunny, I think we are all just trying to figure out what we want to do blogging wise. But sometimes its bad to restrict ourselves to one thing. Writing freely is one of the great things about blogging 💕


  2. The wordpress community is so sweet and amazing ^^ Keep doing what you want to do, just don’t feel pressured or put way too much work or else it might feel a little less motivating and more pressure ing? *facepalm* sorry I can’t word things right at all -0- I love blogs, I can’t wait to read no matter what you write. I love posts like this 😉 But again it surprises me, this little corner of the internet is so sweet and I didn’t expect so many other people like me or you who also blog, and I’m sooo glad I discovered this- it’s the best. I have some of those days where I make a bunch of drafts or I take it slow. But I just love reading blogs- everyone has such a way with words and I love looking at other people’s thoughts and words- idk I sound sooo weird right now but AHH this community is so sweet

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  3. Nice! Hehe I like that general chit chat! By reading through your post, I had the feeling like blogging is something you think about almost all the time? Ie as a passion kinda thing? Am I right or wrong? Anyway that’s what it does to me!

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  4. Hey
    I do like this Kind of writing an dposts so just go on with them and also the others! You’re an awesome Blogger anyway, just do it that way you fell most comfortable with:)
    You do now have the same theme as me so if you find some new featured tell me 😉
    Love your blog and you xoxo

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