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Monthly makeup obsessions : January

Its that time again. Where I, Misstery, tell you guys all about my favorite makeup, beauty and all things gorgeous. For me, January has not been too exciting makeup wise. But that does not mean I have not found some new favorites. I feel like January is a bit of a bleak month for makeup. I no longer want to go for a full on bronze, wintery look. But I still don’t want to start considering spring colours. So for January i really like just having a flawless, but natural makeup look. I always like to give my skin a little break throughout January and give it some rest after the new year. So without further ado, here are my makeup obsessions for January.


Brush of Mascara


Packaging of mascara

  1. Maybelleine Lash Sensational mascara 9.5ml £7.99- For me, my favorite part in my makeup routine is lashes. I love mascara, and I live for long, fine lashes. But I have always been a little hesitant with buying new mascaras. My eyelashes are fairly naturally curly, so I have the immense struggle of clumpyness to deal with. But this mascara, changed my ways.I purchased this after hearing all the hype about this product and how amazing it was for its price. So, I gave it a try. And out of all drugstore mascaras this would definitely be one I would recommend. The brush of this mascara has fine long bristles on one side, which i have always preferred. And very short spiky ones the other side, which I love to use for my bottom eyelashes. The mascara wand is slightly curved, which means it catches the small lashes at the corner of your eyes, and really makes them pop, and open up. Not only does this mascara lengthen your eyelashes, it also makes them non-clumpy. Absolute winner. Cheap price. Long lashes. No clumps. Definitely recommend. And definitely worth the hype.

12659580_10154507653053332_1022263501_n (2)

2. Bourjois healthy mix foundation, medium coverage, 16hrs,30ml, £10.99- So recently I decided that I needed a little more coverage than a BB or CC cream. And a little more lasting power. After reading such amazing reviews about this foundation, I decided to pick it up. For a foundation I was aiming for something with medium coverage and good staying power. And this foundation, did live up to my hopes. When applied, the foundation looks a little dewy, but to touch it is completely dry. When wearing this foundation I noticed how healthy and glowwy my skin looked. It made my skin look very healthy and refreshed. Coverage wise I did find I had to stipple a little extra on certain areas of redness. But it covered imperfections well, and did last a while. But not 16 hours. Unfortunately me, being me. Picked up the wrong shade. And me being my pale self, couldn’t quite pull it off in December (*sigh* pale skin probs) so I will have to save this one, and repurchase when I am a little more tan, if I ever do tan. So my one complaint with this product is simply that its shades do not go light enough. For people with pale skin it does look a little darker, due to its orange and yellow undertones. It also changes a bit darker after drying. So make sure you are aware of that. But overall a lovely foundation, very good quality. And great for the summer.


Before drying.


After drying.

3) Christian Breton rouge a levres lipstick, shade Latte,12m, $15.00- Sadly, if there was one item of makeup that I don’t have much of. It is lipstick. But this month, I decided that that must change.  And whilst on my mission I found this one by Christian Brenton, and it has to be one of my favorites. The colour of this lipstick is stunning. And I had been on the hunt for a shade like it for ages. The colour is a deep pink/ purple, but not too dramatic. When applied, it is very smooth, and highly pigmented, But still rather build able. The shade is not usually something I would go for, as dark colours don’t really suit my skin tone. But this is not too dark, it is a lovely wearable, berry toned shade. Not only does the colour remind me a little of blackcurrants,but so does the smell. The smell is rather strong, but not overpowering. I only just brought this lipstick recently, but I really am pleased with it. And I can’t wait to wear it more in the future.


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Also a huge thank you to those who have followed me and been so welcoming. Yesterday was misstery blogs one month birthday, and I simply cannot believe the amount we have achieved in a month. I honestly cannot thank you all enough.

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Love, Misstery.

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