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Now they know

I like to watch the little children play. I like to watch the two girls who link arms and skip down their road, completely in sync, an unspoken promise. I like to watch the way an adult will stomp on a leaf and a child will pick it up and stare for 10 minutes, like it is the most beautiful and wonderful thing they will ever see. I like to watch the way their faces turn up in surprise when they hear the word no. Because they don’t know rejection, they don’t know sadness. But that is the beauty of watching little children play, they don’t know. And it saddens me that very soon. They will.


It saddens me that those two girls who once linked arms, will soon compare themselves to one another. Until their eyes are glazed over with a sheet of self loathing, that can never be washed out, not even with love, not even with confidence. I hate the way that the leaves that were once so beautiful and so gorgeous, will just be another sign of decay. Another unappreciated example of the beauty of nature. I hate the way that when that innocent child grows up, they will get used to the word no. They will get used to rejection and sadness. Because now, they know.


I would hate to see another one become like me. I hate to see that one by one every child has their innocence hammered out of them, until they can no longer see beauty. They can no longer appreciate it. I hate that they will go home and stare at that wall, until their minds are convinced that their bedroom is the only thing to explore in this world. I hate that they will grow up and embrace sadness and drink it up till they pass out. But I get that, because that happened to me. And it happens to them all. Because now, they know.


I hate that alphabet’s and their pretty little illustrations will be forgotten. I hate that nursery rhyme tunes will turn dark and daunting. I hate that they will look in the mirror and despise the incredible reflection that stares back at them. I hate that they will sit and ponder suicide, and they will drown in depression. I hate that instead of love all they see is hate. But most of all I hate that when I stare into that little kids wide eyes, they do not know. I hate that they don’t know what is coming. But soon, they will.


I have always tried to be that big sister, that tries to warn my sibling about how to avoid it. I try to assure myself that they will be fine, that maybe it won’t happen to them. I give them my best advice, I drill it into their brain. Just so that one day, When they look in the mirror, when they stare at the wall, when they ponder suicide, when they are drowning in depression. They remember, and they never forget.


I hope that when they walk in the park, they watch the children play. I hope they watch the two girls linking hands, I hope they watch the way the children pick up the leaves. I hope they watch the surprised faces at the word no. I hope they watch it. And I hope they give the same advice i gave them. I hope those children in the park get their warning. I hope that they, do not have to wait so long to know.


But still my hope is simply a shattered illusion. When I tell my sibling all my advice. When I warn them. They will not hear me, they will not absorb it. And they will forget. They will forget the alphabet and its pretty little illustrations, and they will forget their childhood innocence. They will watch the children play, they will hope those children don’t forget like they did. They will feel that sadness that soon, they will.


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24 thoughts on “Now they know

  1. So beautiful ❤ In these days, childhood innocence is lost quicker. Lots of young girls feel the need to wear makeup and fix themselves, and learn bad words and bad things. It's sad, but nostalgia is great. It's almost like traveling back in time I guess- but not for long. I guess I should have held on to my child hood longer and not feel the need to grow up. Too late. But nostalgia is so sad but wonderful… to remember. I guess everyone learns- but at least when they are young and innocent, they are happy. At least they can see everything in a way that we can't. Soon they'll have to learn, but it's important to enjoy while it lasts. I guess everyone doesn't truly forget- nostalgia is an amazing but sad feeling. It's part of life. It gets harder… childhood is so beautiful 😉 This post was so amazing and wonderful.

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  2. Oh dear this is so beautiful and I’m so lucky that you understand. There are many people who forget it. And I hope I won’t forget it because it’s what’s makes life worth living. But people grow up and they don’t understand the things that they’ve thought when they were little. I think it’s important to have a child in ourself all of our time because it shows us somehow that we are human and that we were a child once. Well it helps us I think. But I can’t say any of these things for sure because I’m not even in the world of adulthood yet. But I’m not a child anymore. Well I’m in the world of youth. But that’s not important now is it. Well when we do grow up we forget and the only thing we can do about it is watching the children play and watch them think of every little thing like it’s a miracle. Because these little things are miracles that get to normal things as the time passes. And children show us what they really are. Well that’s it I guess. Bye

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    • Awww thank you so much for this comment, you are so sweet 💗 and I completely agree children see the world in such a beautiful and carefree light. I think its the innocence and the lack of knowledge about the real world that makes childhood so beautiful 💞

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      • You’re so welcome. I totally agree that it’s the innocence of them. I think maybe they know even more than we do but we can’t remember. I think as a child you see the things from a much more natural perspective like you know that when people die it’s normal. But as we grow and start to think or express our feelings we don’t take it as natural as it is. This is what I think it is. But it’s my opinion and I totally respect yours. You are a very kind and wise person. Thank you for being who you are. There aren’t much people who think of these things. Or I don’t know. Well okay. Bye 🙂

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  3. Hey Misstery Blogger!

    Just checking out your blog and I think this is a really great start. I like the way you write, it feels is coming right from the heart. I also like the layout of the blog. Nice!
    Great work!

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