Awards and me, i never thought they would go together

I have never really been one to congratulate myself. Or feel happy and proud about the things I have achieved. I have always wanted to create my character to not be vain. In life whenever I achieve something I don’t really like to brag about it, but let me recollect. 3 awards, it has not even been a month(the birthday is coming soon guys). Thank you so much. For once I feel really proud of myself. And I feel proud of myself for the sheer fact that for once in my life, I beat that fear. I proved that I could blog. And look at what i have got out of it. I have 60 amazing followers. And now….. 3 awards. Crazy.

The first award I was nominated for was the Creative blogger award by the lovely blogger EDMonGOVN. I absolutely love this blog, and I want to say the biggest thank you to you for nominating me for this award, it truly does make me so very happy. I would highly recommend checking out her amazing blog. You can find it here……https://edmongovn.wordpress.com/


the rules for this tag….

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Share five facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15-20 bloggers and add their links.
  • Notify the bloggers you included.
  • Keep the rules in your post.
  1. So some facts about me, the gossip. I am joking I am anti social there is no gossip to share. But my first fact is that I am a huge music lover. Recently I have really been getting into some twenty one pilots and fall out boy (whoop). But honestly, I really don’t think I could live without my music. My natural habitat is in my room with my headphones in.
  2. I am a daydreamer. But not a typical one. My day dreaming can range from thinking about food to the inevitability of death. But my face, remains the same. Daydreaming does cause many problems, but I like to think it is a big part of me. And a part of me that likes to think about our world, and i would never give that up.
  3. I am very antisocial. By this I do not mean I have no friends, I mean that when i go out i can spend 10 minutes simply stressing about paying for something at the till. (perks of the awkward life.)
  4. I really enjoy art. I would not necessarily say I am great at it. But I really love the way art gives you this platform of freedom. It opens so many incredible opportunities for expression. And, I love it.
  5. I am a ranter, and one who argues, and I always want to win. If I am putting across an idea or voicing a opinion. Then I will be prepared. I love to rant. It is habit I cannot stop. But I will always respect others opinions.

So that is all for the creative blogger award. Once again huge thank you to EDMonGOVN for nominating me.

Onto the next award nomination from the lovely blogger Luna who has a blog called my irrelevant thoughts. She is a amazing blogger, and I would seriously recommend giving her blog a follow. A huge thank you to you for giving me this nomination. And you can find her blog right here…..https://myirrelevantthoughts.wordpress.com/


The rules for this tag…..

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice.
  3. Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.
  4. Share 7 facts about yourself!
  • More facts about me, I don’t even know if i know 7 facts about myself. Which is very worrying. But for fact one I would have to say that I am very shy. As a person when you fist meet me I am so awkward and shy. But its not the real me, honestly.Gimme 30 minutes and i will be your new best friend, but sadly people don’t see it that way. I hate shy people discrimination.
  • I am addicted to you tube. I honestly spend all my free time watching YouTube videos. And I idolize a lot of you tubers. But I have a reason for loving YouTube, I feel like it offers such a wide opportunity to show who you truly are. It offers this source of positivity and a way to communicate with other internet addicts. I love it.
  • I don’t know what to do with my life. That is stupid, but i don’t. Its at that point where I am going to just let fate hit me in the face, and hope to god I don’t end up in a office staring out the window like i do on public transport.
  • I love to write. I have always loved to write. Just the feeling of writing. Just the freedom the words give you. I love the way you can write anything, but it is yours. I do not know if i am good at writing. But i really do enjoy it.
  • One day I want to be a You Tuber. I get it, another one of those kids saying they want to make it big on the internet. But I really do, I want to so badly. I want to have that freedom of expression that you tubers get. I want to be able to make a career out of something I love to do. And something i know people love to watch.
  • I have never been to a concert. I know, I can hear you all screaming hypocrite. But I have been to many festivals. I was a festival child that was continuously called a hippy. But, I have never been to a concert.
  • I overthink everything. I know lots of people say they over stress. But hunny, trust me. You don’t. I will stress over anything and everything. And it does effect my everyday life. But I can deal with it, one small piece at a time.

So I left nominations for the end as i wanted to do it combined. The other day when I received my nominations I wrote down a list of people I wanted to nominate. But that list got smaller, and smaller, and smaller as the people I had chose, One by one, got nominated by other people. Besides, I have never been one to want to exclude anybody, so, once again I nominate every single one of you that has not done it yet(and you thought you were going to escape). Every single one of my followers is extremely talented and deserves these awards, so congratulations, you are nominated. You can pick one, do neither or do both. I do not mind. It is your choice.


Thank you so much for reading, and thank you so much for 60 followers (cries in happiness)

Please like, comment and follow my blog.

Love, Misstery.



36 thoughts on “Awards and me, i never thought they would go together

  1. Congratulations!! I recently put up a blog post “how to get motivated?”. If possible, could you take a look and post a comment with any advice you may have! Thankyou! xx ❀

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  2. EVERYTHING! I MEAN EVERYTHING YOU SAID/ POSTED IS ME! WHAT ARE WE SISTERS?I love music, more than my life, I love art, even though I suck at it :p,I am anti social too, maybe that’s why this blog is alive, I am a ranter as well but I shut my mouth when I think I am going to lose… :p I don’t know what to do with my life either, I love YouTube, again more than my life but not more than music XD.. I am shy too and I don’t judge people for their shyness. In fact I love people who are shy, I find them cute, haha that sounded so creepy but IDC. I love writing too, I think about each thing I do, a hundred times! I have never been to a concert either even though I did get a chance too! UGH! So tell me, who says we aren’t siblings?

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