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A mini Body shop haul

One of my favorite shops is the body shop. I always find that not only are most of their products cheap, they are very high quality. Online the body shop will pretty much always have some sort of discount, and like the antisocial person I am, I prefer to online shop. Recently I have been wanting to switch up my skincare routine and when I saw body shop had a huge sale and a discount code on. I dived for those deals.


So for today’s blog I am going to be showing you 4 of the products I got in my body shop haul. Two of the products are skincare, and 2 are items of makeup.



  1. Camomile sumptuous cleansing butter, all skin types, 90ml, £13.00– So I took a long while to ponder on the route I wanted to take with skincare, and when I saw this product. I was particularly intrigued. I had heard a lot of hype about cleansing butters, but I had always doubted they would be good for my skin. In fear of making my already oily skin, more oily. But after reading all the amazing reviews about this product, I decided to order it. Great decision. This cleansing butter is delightful. It is white in colour and has a mild, but gorgeous flowery scent. The lid is a screw top. And to apply I simply scooped a small amount of the butter onto my my fingers, and rubbed it in between my hands. I then rubbed it all over my face, and , wow. When applied to the face this butter instantly melts into this luxurious feeling oil, and your makeup, no matter how dramatic simply melts away. I then remove the cleanser with a flannel and warm water, I absolutely adore this product. Using it has made cleansing something to look forward too, and I have seen a lovely improvement in how my skin looks. No breakouts. Still great for oily/combination skin. Fabulous product, highly recommend.


2. Seaweed clarifying toner, oily to combination skin, alcohol free, 200ml £8.50- Honestly, I have never really seen the point in toner. I always thought it was just scented water that didn’t really work, and a waste of money. But, not this one. I ordered this toner after hearing such great reviews about how good it was for oily skin. And I figured I should take advantage of the body shop discount, and order this along side the cleansing butter. And surprisingly, I love this one too. This product has a rather strong scent, but it is not overwhelming, it is also alcohol free so i knew it would suit my skin. To apply this product I squeezed a little onto a cotton pad and simply swooped it around my face. And it gives you this lovely refreshing sensation. Not only does this products smell remind me of a sea landscape, so does the way it feels. It feel very cold and tingly when applied to the face and gives you this really lovely refreshed feeling. It is great. This product makes my skin feel and look so much more clean, and so much less oily. I would highly recommend it to those with oily/combination skin, as it is truly a enjoyable product to use.


3. colourglide lipstick in vintage rose, 3.5g, £10.00 original price, £2.00 in the sale- I am a sucker for a nude lipstick, and with a added rose gold packaging, you already have me. Surprisingly this was at a tiny £2.00 in the sale. So I would have been really stupid as to not order it. The packaging of this lipstick is extremely aesthetically pleasing. It has a silver colored case, but the outer case to the actual lipstick is rose gold. It looks truly gorgeous. When I first tried the product on my lips, I was not sure if I liked it, and to be honest I am still not sure. The colour of the lipstick looks a little different to the colour on the site, but it is still a very nice, wearable shade. It is a pink- toned nude but it does contain a large quantity of gold sparkles. So it gives the colour this sort of metallic gleam, and when I tried it again today I actually quite liked it. The consistency of the lipstick is not too sticky, so I know where the name of glide came from, But when I put it on I can feel the small grains of the glitter. The lipstick does last rather a while, but not as much as some other brands of lipstick, but I do like it. For the bargain of £2.oo in the sale, it is a great product. And I was not disappointed.


4. Carbon eye definer, colour black, other shades available, £3.00 in the sale- I love eyeliner, when ever I use a eye shadow I often cannot go without putting a little bit of black on my waterline. And I ran out. I used to use a W7 eyeliner and it did the trick. But when I saw this item in the body shop sale I had to order it, because I needed it( that’s what I tell myself). And it does just what any eyeliner should do, it is a strong black in colour. Which I really like. The darker the black the better (ahahah). For me it stays on all day, and is very long lasting. It also has a small round topped sponge at the other end of the eyeliner, which is amazing for smudging and creating that flawless smoky eye we all want. Love this eye definer, it is a great product. And definitely worth the price that i got it for. Highly recommend.


Thank you so much for reading, once again a huge thank you to all my followers, I have made so many amazing friends on here. And even though i have not been here a month yet, i already have 49 followers. So thank you all for making my dream a reality.

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Love, Misstery.



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