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Monthly makeup obsessions: December

For me, there is an art to makeup. I have always been a very creative person and i have always appreciated art. But i never realized this world of makeup existed until 2 years ago. My love for makeup started on YouTube, I would often sit and watch makeup tutorials, then the next day i would go out and buy a product and it would be the most exciting thing.

I think too many people think girls wear makeup to cover imperfections, or to feel more confident. But its not all about that. As much as i do feel more confident when i walk into a room and i know that my contour is the best it has ever been. I do not wear it for confidence. I wear it because i appreciate that it is a form of art. And like any other form of art, i want to master it. I do not wear makeup to impress boys or others. I wear makeup because i want too, because i like it. And because i want to feel good. So for today’s blog post i am discussing my monthly makeup obsesions for December. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Barry M, Super natural eye shadow palette (super drug limited edition)- Winter is one of my favorite seasons for makeup. As soon as it hits autumn, i will get my bronze shades out and worship then for at least 2 months. You may think that bronze is one color but no, i have a different shade of bronze for every day of the week. I always find my favorite Makeup to do is eye shadow. I think its because i am so into art. I will spend ages blending colors and talking to myself in the mirror about how great they are (i watch way to much YouTube so it has just become habit and routine.) So in early November i popped into super drug and my first initial reaction was “OMG, rose gold, gimme that, i don’t even care how much it is look at the packaging” whilst being stared at like a lunatic. But honestly, the packaging for this palette is extremely aesthetically pleasing . The packaging has a flowery print and its typing is in rose gold, Which overall looks STUNNING. not only is the packaging of this palette beautiful, the colours inside are phenomenal. In the palette there is a a mixture of matte and sparkly eye shadows, which i love to combine for a more dramatic look. There is a matte white with a tint of gold, a sparkly pale pink, a matte pale nude/ pink , a dark sparkly pink, a ROSE GOLD EYE SHADOW, a matte grey and this gorgeous black with chunks of pink glitter in. Overall the product is amazing for price, colour and packaging and i would so highly recommend it.
  2. Zoella lip balms (Christmas product line, £2.49) – I have always been a huge fan of zoella and as soon as she announced Christmas products, i was one happy girl. I received the lip balm duo for Christmas. And i was really surprised, i knew the products would be good, but i did not know they would be this good. In the set you get a small green tin and a small red tin each containing 12M of the product. The packaging is adorably cute.They have the zoella logo on the front surrounded by lace fringing. And for its price, they are incredible. For me i prefer the sweet mint flavor as it does not have much of a tint and is incredibly moistening so it is perfect for school. I like to wear the vanilla cream balm at the weekends because it is very highly pigmented. And if i wore it to school i would probably get taken out of class  because my appearance matters more than my education ( oh god, i am ranting, again.) I do find that the colour of the vanilla cream balm is a bit odd because it is in the Christmas range, and to me it shows up as more or a bright colored coral/red. So for me it is more a summary colour. But overall i love the lip balms, and they are so moisturizing for dry winter lips.
  3. Matte bronzing powder MAC, £22.00, 10g) I have always been hesitant to try big brands like MAC, because i have literally no money and if the product is bad then its such a waste of my precious pennies. But one time i visited a local MAC shop and a lovely assistant applied this too my face when i told her i was looking for a bronzer. And i loved it. She then did that thing everybody in MAC does and asked me if i wanted one and i awkwardly has to dismiss her offer, since it was rather expensive. But then, i received it for my birthday, and i don’t think i have ever loved a bronzer so much. It is that sort of product that you can swoosh a contour brush in, and lightly apply it to your cheekbone, and it is done. It looks incredible. It is a lovely bronze colour but has a light undertone of burnt orange so it looks really lovely and natural. And i have been wearing it pretty much every day of autumn and winter.  I also find that the orange undertone of the product makes blue eyes really stand out without having to do any really hard eye makeup. Although, i know considering the pros and cons it is very expensive, and for me, a luxury. So if i find any drugstore dupes like it i will tell you.Because it is such a lovely product.

Thank you for reading, the sheer fact people are looking at my blog makes me so happy. I f you would like to see more blogs please like comment and follow. It truly makes my day!

Love, Misstery.

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