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What happened to my beautiful education?

I have always been told education is important, and it is. Education is the foundation of learning. I have always been told that education gives you  freedom, and it did. I have always been told by the media and my teachers that without education i would get nowhere, and i wouldn’t. I have always been told that my trip down education lane would be beautiful, so i listened, so i believed. Just like i was taught to from day one. So where is that delightful, free education.Where is that education that will teach me what is important. Where is my beautiful education.

I am not ungrateful. I fully appreciate that i have an education, i have the access to learn about so many bright, brilliant things. I have the opportunity to become fully educated, others do not. And i understand that. I am not hostile towards my teachers or my school. I am hostile to the ones who control my teachers, control my school and control the limits on my education. When i arrived at high school i soon realized the real truth to learning. I realized that learning was not about staring at a whiteboard. Learning is something you do yourself. Anybody can try and teach you and make you learn something, but the truth is you have only learnt something if you think about it, if you gather your thoughts and remember it. If this thing you have been taught has a impact on you. For me my education started at four. I did not know how to read or write, and i did not know how to think about the world. But it was OK, because i knew that education would teach me how to think. I just didn’t know it would teach me what to think. But that is the truth about our education system. Teachers will teach us. And we will get our education. And we will think the way in which we have been taught. We will think that our appearance matters more to ofsted than our ability. We will think it is OK to say you will stop bullying, yet still be oblivious to those suffering from it. We will think it is OK to send a girl out of class for a few days because her skirt is above the knee and distracting a boy. We will think it is OK to feel alone. We will think that our stress is a necessity. We will think that grades are what define us. Because all we are is a number, a statistic. And we will think that we have to listen, we have to do this. We have to achieve that. And we will think that because that is what we have been taught.So that is what we are programmed to do. Because that is what we have seen, therefore that is what we have learnt. As students we are pushed every second by our government. As they make exams harder to pass and a mark slips away, so does a piece of me. A piece of you. We are pressured so much at school and we are pushed so hard, that at the end of the day my grades will not represent who i am. They will represent my education and they will represent my intelligence, but they will not represent who i  truly am. Because the person i am when put under so much stress is not the true reflection of myself. I think as people we allow ourselves to be easily manipulated, And that is what is happening. How can our government expect such great things from children, when they are putting so much pressure on students they brake. How can they expect brilliant things from a broken generation. There is no hope because it has been drained from us. We don’t get that beautiful education. We don’t see its beauty because it has been blocked by such a dark cloud. But i am grateful. I am so grateful for the teachers in my life that allow my character to grow. They enjoy the sparkle in a pupils eyes when they achieve something.When they talk passionately about a subject. Sadly there is not many of those teachers left. Because the same thing is striking at our teachers. They are told how to teach, what to teach and they are pressured until, finally, their passion for a subject is gone as well. And It is sad that when i look at my primary school and i look at the little children, i think about their future. And i think about how they will never see the beauty in education unless something changes. Because that beauty, that beauty is gone.

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Love, Misstery.


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