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5 ways to stay positive

I feel like when faced with a issue in life the situation is often made worse by your own mind. When we are faced with a situation we don’t feel comfortable in or we are having a bad day, everything often seems much worse than it is in reality.Because we have a negative attitude. And this  often results in you looking back on a past experience and laughing about how silly you were to over react or panic so much. But because you had such a negative attitude,it made everything at the time seem worse. We often find that when we think negatively , everything we do is that bit less exciting. That bit less hopeful. So i figured since it is now 2016 and everybody is hyped for a fresh start i would list my top 5 ways to stay positive.

  1. Embrace nature- I always find that when i am having a particularly bad day nature is always the thing that will help me through it. I am so very fond of quickly popping out and having a walk on the beach or down a country lane , just watching the sun setting.And appreciating the beauty of nature. I think when we do this and we just take a second to stop and take in how big and marvelous our world truly is, it reveals how small our problems are. Embracing nature is a unique provider of relaxation. And i love it.
  2. Creating your own source of happiness- By this i mean something you can look at or use when you feel negative. I would highly recommend making a positivity jar. I have just recently made one and put it on my shelf, so that when i am sad i can open the jar and be hit with the positivity. I decorated my jar with lace, ribbon, buttons , pictures that made me happy and labelled it ‘positivity 2016’. I added a label to the top of the jar that i brought , for only £1.00 in a cookery shop. And colour coded what i would put inside my jar. I used different colours of card and cut them into squares to write on. And  labelled each colour of card with something that i had done or achieved. The categories i chose were: inspirational quotes, achievements,times i made others happy,things to be happy about and fears i had overcome. I cannot tell you how well this idea works. My positivity jar means that when i am sad or feel like i am failing, i can open the jar and look at all the things i have accomplished and all of the things i have done right.Trust me, it works wonders on a negative attitude like mine.
  3. Realizing how lucky you are- No matter how sad you are or how bad you feel your life is just remember everything you have that you take for granted. Go sit with your family and watch a film,play with a little sibling or meet up with friends. I always find that when i am sad thinking about the good things in life that i take for granted is one of the best remedies. Thinking about the good in your life will make your problems seem tiny in comparison. And make it easier for you to overcome a tiny hurdle in your life.
  4. Being organized- OK. i will admit it. I am pretty unorganized when it comes to schoolwork (which i should be doing now). But i have found organization to be one of the main sources of positivity in my life. There is nothing that makes me more happy than cleaning my room, making it look lovely. And lighting a candle. I think when your surroundings are made clearer, it makes your mind clearer as well. And it is, for me, a great source of relaxation. The fact that my surroundings are nice and neat makes me more relaxed in my home environment.
  5. Have a hobby or something you like to do- Let go of all that guilt, relax and do something you love. For me that source is watching you tube. Recently i have been so bogged down in work, That i didn’t realize what was causing me to be so unhappy.So i went to my first step and took a walk and watched the sunset. And i realized what it was, i felt like a piece of me was missing, and i just wasn’t myself. And then it dawned on me. I hadn’t indulged in watching you tube. That part of me was missing and i wanted it back. So when i arrived home i binge watched Dan and Phil, Thatcherjoe, Zoella and many more  till if felt myself again. And God did that feel good. Indulging in something you love should not be looked down upon, in my opinion it should be embraced. So go watch your favorite telly program or invest more time into a hobby. Because at the end of the day your happiness is the most important thing. And it should be taken care of.

Sorry this is such a quick post, but i am a very busy today:)

Thank you for reading

love, Misstery.



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