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you can’t change the past,but you can change your future

Last night i was in a bad state of mind. That state of mind being evaluating everything i have done in my life and criticizing everything i thought i had done well. I sat in my room for a while and just thought about how stupid i was to waste such a important year of my life. How stupid i was to make up excuses to avoid my fears instead of facing up to them. And it seems when i am in this state of mind i just wallow in black hole of self loathing and my eyes are blind to see everything i have done right. So i did what any teen girl would do, i got food and talked it out with my best friend. I have always found that everybody has one friend in their life that they can trust with anything. And whilst talking to this friend she told me something so important. And it was made more significant by the fact it was coming from her. She told me that i could never change the past, But i can change my future. She told me to stop making myself feel awful about everything i had done wrong and to get up and embrace everything i was missing. And so that is my one new years resolution. The one thing i know that i need to change about myself, is my future. And to stop dwelling on the past.When i was younger i never really saw a point in a new years resolution. I saw it as people promising to diet but only lasting a few days (me being one of those people). But new years is so much more important than that. Its not about broken promises. Its about having a clean slate. A fresh chance to change your future. And as much as i think we should be trying to be better people every day ,i still love the idea of having a fresh start. To do just what my friend told me to do. Forget about your past and do everything you can to make your future better. This year i am going to try my hardest to not let anxious thoughts get in the way of my life. Not let others opinions hurt me. But most importantly i am going to embrace every opportunity i am given. Because i don’t want 2016 to be another year that i look back on with a bad mindset. I am going to look back on it and be proud by the way i have changed, but most of all the way i have changed my life as a whole.

thank you for reading, i would love to hear your opinions on new years resolutions, also a huge thank you to anyone who has followed me. It has truly made my day so much better. And has really given me the will to carry on with my blog.

love, Misstery.


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